We offer accounting and tax services for all your personal and business needs.  Call us for help with financial planning, income tax preparation, tax filing, tax refunds and other accounting services. Choose us as your accountant and you will never have to worry about the mundane and confusing details of filing your federal, state, and city income taxes.

If you own your own business, we offer small business accounting and tax preparation services. We provide payroll tax filing, sales taxes, financial planning, bookkeeping and other services. If you are planning to start your own business, we offer accounting services for business startups, including setting up an incorporated business within 24 hours to provide liability protection, allow you to keep more of your profit and protect your personal assets from taxation and lawsuits.

Whether you are a small business owner, individual homeowner or have a non profit, leave the number crunching to us, so you can focus on the rest of your life.


Services Provided

  1. Incorporate your business – protect yourself and your assets from frivolous lawsuits.
  1. Preparation of final paperwork to close your business – have it done professionally to eliminate risk of paying additional taxes
  1. Payroll Taxes – Control your employees salaries with ease of mind
  1. Sales Taxes – Pay your quarterly or annual sales taxes on time to avoid penalties
  1. Bookkeeping –  Delivery service available for monthly or quarterly bookkeeping. We know how stressful running a business can be. This will be one less thing to worry about.
  1. Individual Taxes –  Get the maximum refund you are eligible to claim.
  1. Corporation Taxes –  Affordable prices makes filing your annual corporate tax a cinch.
  1. Tax ID – Not eligible for a SSN, file for your Tax ID today!
  1. EIN – Needed for businesses who wants to open bank accounts and pay taxes
  1. Sales ID – Needed to file your quarterly or annual sales tax returns
  1. Business Plans – Looking to apply for a loan? You need a business plan. Get it done professionally